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The Sirius Philosophy

Sirius Puppy Training was the very first organization in the State of Hawaii to offer a fully comprehensive positive reinforcement program designed specifically for puppies. Established in February of 1988 Sirius has been serving the puppies, dogs and their human families for over 20 years. In 2009 Sirius was the winner of Honolulu Magazine’s very first “Best Of Pets” category.

Sirius Puppy Training is based on the scientifically proven principle that owners have the greatest opportunity to influence their dog’s behavior and temperament during their first eighteen weeks. What puppies learn during their early critical stages determines their future ability to bond with people, socialize with other dogs and respond positively to novel situations. The Sirius Puppy Class Curriculum utilizes positive reward-based methods to help puppies develop into ideal family members and canine citizens.

Many dogs, however, join families after six months of age or develop behavior problems later in life. While it is natural for dogs to bark, chew, dig, eliminate, and even show aggression, these behaviors can be inappropriate and sometimes abnormal in the context of coexisting with their human families. Sirius Behavioral Consulting provides you with the knowledge to understand your dog’s behavior and the tools to help resolve behavioral problems. Equally important, Sirius will show you how to use positive reinforcement instead of aversive punishment to communicate to your dog which behaviors are desirable and appropriate. The goal is for the relationship to be rewarding for both you and your dog.


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