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Puppy & Dog Class Curriculum

Sirius Puppy and Dog Classes are entertaining and interactive for the whole family. Classes run one hour a week for six weeks, focusing on four major topics.

1. Prevention of Problem Behavior
• Learn how to quickly and painlessly house-train your puppy for error-free results.
• Keep jumping, barking, digging and chewing from destroying your possessions and your relationship.
• Reduce the risk of biting, separation anxiety and other serious behavioral problems.

2. Obedience
• Learn how to focus and maintain your puppy's attention as the foundation of all communication and training.
• Develop a repertoire of useful commands that will keep you in control of walks, play and social interactions.
• Practice “emergency” commands that may save your puppy's life.

3. Socialization (for both puppy and owner)
• It's vital that your puppy learn to enjoy interacting with a variety of people and dogs of different sizes and ages.
• Off-leash play sessions help establish reliable bite inhibition.
• Share the joy of learning with other owners.

4. Handling
• Sirius Puppy Classes will help make grooming- bathing, nail clipping, ear and teeth cleaning - a breeze.
• Learn to make visits to the veterinarian free from trauma for you, your puppy and the doctor.

Call (808) 732-0258 to RSVP or to enroll!

Call Sirius Puppy Training at (808) 732-0258 for more information or to enroll in our events and classes!
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