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Behavioral Consulting

Teaching obedience commands alone will not address most behavioral problems. Sirius Behavioral Consulting employs a comprehensive, in-home four-step approach to treating behavioral problems:

1. Behavioral Diagnostics
A detailed history is combined with observation to arrive at a scientifically accurate diagnosis of the problem(s).

2. Education
Sirius Behavioral Consulting helps you understand the possible reasons for your dog’s actions and develop realistic goals for appropriate behavior and successful treatment.

3. Management
A management strategy incorporating medical conditions, diet, exercise, socialization and training is developed to assist in changing your dog’s behavior.

4. Behavioral Modification Plan
Finally, a custom-tailored program is designed to help increase your dog’s desire to engage in appropriate behaviors. There are no quick fixes and behavior rarely changes overnight. A loving and systematic approach that addresses the cause of unwanted behaviors and not just the symptoms is the key to a more fulfilling long-term relationship.

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