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Call and get answers to you concerns now or schedule a time that is convenient for you. Many times just getting some guidance at the moment that a problem is occurring will help you immensely.

What better than to be able to talk to someone who has literally decades of experience with all types of behavioral problems. You will get live personal help for your particular situation. You don’t have to watch a video then try to translate it to fit your dog and situation. I will personally give you answers specific to your dog. Timely and economical…perfect!

(No aggression issues will be addressed over Skype/Google Hangout or the phone)
Before your puppy grows up, your dog’s behavior gets out of control, someone get’s hurt, schedule an appointment or setup a Skype/Google Hangout or phone consultation.

No matter what the problem or concern the best time to start training your puppy or dog in right now! Call me at (808) 732-0258, text me at (808) 724-4153 or email me at