Getting Started

Wendy Mah’s Sirius Puppy Training & Behavioral Consulting can get you the canine family member of your dreams.

I can help with these problems:
• Behavior problems.
• Obedience training for adult dogs.
• Aggressive behavior.
• On-leash walking.
• Come when called.
• Teach your young puppy to be in public.
• If you just don’t know what to do!

Did you recently get your puppy or did you rescue an older dog? Or you’ve had your dog for awhile. In any case what you want is to enjoy him to the fullest for many years to come.

My name is Wendy Mah. I founded Sirius Puppy Training & Behavioral Consulting in Honolulu, HI in February 1988. I am an Animal Behaviorist with over 30 yrs of experience. My mission has always been to help new puppy owners teach their young puppies important life skills that are a must when living in a human world.

As an Animal Behaviorist I understand that there are a large number of dogs that have established behavioral problems. If your dog has a bad habit that you would like to correct I will help you get your dog back on track.
My approach to raising puppies or fixing established behavioral problems is always, teach first what is wanted behaviors. When your dog fully understands what you want from him he will happily offer you the more desired behavior.

Your puppy or dog is a part of your family. You got your canine family member to bring more happiness and joy into your life. Whether a new puppy or an older dog I can help you have the furry family member you always dreamed of.

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